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Our Services
If you or a loved one is suffering from mood problems, anxiety, attention problems, or behavioral difficulties there is a solution.  We provide non-medication alternatives to treat all mental disorders.  When medication is warranted we have a wide referral source and pride ourselves in communicating with your medical doctors. 

Anxiety and depression affect most people at one time or another. 
Cognitive behavior therapy, (CBT) is a proven treatment of anxiety and depression.

It is considered a short-term treatment and offers relief of symptoms and long lasting results.  We specialize in CBT, but also offer a wide variety of treatment modalities.  Cognitive behavioral treatments have been shown to be as effective in treating anxiety and depression as medication treatment.  For more information on Cognitive Therapy go to: A recent study analyzing the effects of medication suggest that they are only more effective then placebo in the most severe cases.  These medications all come with side effect and potential adverse reactions.  CBT offers a safe alternative. 
Psychological testing 
   Intelligence testing 
   Educational testing 
   Personality testing 
   Forensic evaluations 
   Speech and language assessment 
   ADHD evaluations
   Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluation
Remediation for learning disabilities
Educational advocacy
Cognitive-behavioral therapy
Marital and family therapy
Parent-training Teacher consultations
Interpersonal and psychodynamic approaches
Consultation with psychiatrists

Here at Babylon Psychological,  we strive to provide comprehensive and individualized evaluation and treatment to best suit each patient's needs.  We can accommodate couples, families, children, adolescents and adults.  We address all issues including substance use and eating disorders.  Our staff is highly trained and has a wide range of techniques to best help you.  You are considered an important part of any treatment plan and will help to guide and participate in all interventions.